Balkan Youth Championships
final date and place: 3 June 2017 Istanbul, Turkey, Ataturk Olympic Stadium

Turkish Athletic Federation has made exceptional efforts and has succeeded, with the support of Istanbul Governorship and Istanbul Municipality, to undertake the organisation of this important event for your young athletes. It is a pure example of implementing the highest values we all share in our athletics family: friendship, cooperation and support in hard times. We are grateful for this and hereby officially thank President Fatih Chintimar for his generous policy and immediate actions.

The competition will be held on the Ataturk Olympic Stadium in Istanbul. The teams will be accommodated in Gonen Hotel, situated close to the International Airport and 14 km away from the stadium. Special security measures will be put in place at all venues to guarantee the safety of the participants. Dedicated police cars will escort all the teams transfers between the different venues.

Provisional Timetable

Preliminary Entry Form

Deadline for submission of Preliminary entries:
14h00 on 15 May 2017

Final Entry Form

Deadline for submission Final entries:
14h00 on 28 May 2017

All teams will be accommodated in Istanbul Gonen hotel