Balkan Half Marathon Championships 2022
10th of April,
Tirana, Albania

On the 10th of April 2022, Tirana hosted the 11th Balkan Half Marathon. Despite the heavy rain, our athletes gave their best to make it to the finishing line as quickly as possible.

From the 10 athletes for the women competition, Luiza Gega from Albania won the first place with 1:10:58, closely followed by Bahar Atalay (1:14:52) and Sabriye Guzelyurt (1:16:16) from Turkey.

9 athletes participated for the men competition and Dario Ivanovski reached first place with 1:04:54, becoming the first North Macedonian Champion in the history of Balkan Half Marathons. He was closely followed by Onur Aras (1:05:35) and Mahsum Deger (1:06:17) from Turkey.


We are again very thankful for the excellent organization and execution of this competition and are looking forward to the next time.